Syiah Kuala Graveyard

It is an advantage for a society having a high respected figure like Acehnese have one: Sheikh Abdurrauf bin Ali Alfansuri or more known as Sheikh Syiah Kuala. He was the supreme judge of Aceh Darussalam Empire at the era of four Queens (1641-1699).

Along the Queen's era, in fact religious scholars ruled the Empire properly so that Aceh became strong and prosperous in the region. He was very intelligence, wise, and piteous. He passed away in 1696 or on 23 Syawal 1106 lunar calendar in 105 years old and buried in Dayah Raya Village, near Banda Aceh, and also his relatives and followers. 

Therefore Sheikh Syiah Kuala named Judge Malikul Adil (Fair Leader) and has been respected by Acehnese and Malay people surround. His name is memorized as name of a state university in Aceh, called University of Syiah Kuala which is popular among either local student or neighboring countries and provinces. Until now, many people including from Malaysia visit his graveyard every day and periodically hold a specific praying there.

It is simpe to come to the yard, only few minutes by car from Banda Aceh. You might make a praying for the Sheikh in a small mosque there then enter the grave area under guidance of its administration. By this devotional visit we may appreciate dedication of a piteous person to measure personal quality of ours and then feel mentally comfortable. No charge to enter but you may contribute charity for maintaining the complex, as you like.

Distance Information
  • Drive : ±10 minutes
  • Walk : ±50 minutes